In the dark depths of our minds lies dormant an everlasting desire. A desire to become better, stronger, smarter - A lust for power.
For the Protagonists of the DARK V01d TTRPG this lust is essential, as they are faced with the horrible influence of the Dark Void.
It's a dark dimension filled only with the energy of emotions. It is both source of incredible power and Corruption.
Adventures full of highly interactive fights, creative characters and Meaningful Decision Making, await every Player of the DARK v01D TTRPG
But Dark V01D is so much more than a simple Tabletop RPG. IT's my passion project. A project I'm constantly working on expanding. Check out the official site to find out more!
For Dark V01d I created a fully featured Tabletop RPG
- 66 different classes (The Trailer below is Outdated in this regard)
- over 700 unique Abilities (The Trailer below is Outdated in this regard)
- A fully automated Character sheet
- A Science Fiction Setting of Epic proportions
- All of the animations you see on this page were created by me

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